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Shut the box - L (screen number)
Product Code : G-143-06

Description :

SHUT THE BOX  is one of the most popular party games in the world, and has become a great family and school game also; mostly to families as kids love this game! 

At the start of game all tabs are open (cleared up) and showing the number 1 to 9. Players take turn rolling the dices into the box to get all the numbered tabs turned down. Easy fun game and highly educational to develop math skill for 2 or more players. 

During the game play, if the sum of the remaining tabs is 6 or lower, the player may roll only one dice. Otherwise, the player must roll both dice. After every player has taken a turn, a player succeeds in closing all of the numbers, he or she is said “ Shut the Box” - the player wins immediately and the game is over. If no-one succeeds in closing all, the player with the lowest score wins. 

Also available are Shut the Box (S) and Shut the box (L) on different listing on the site.

*** The Color of wood may differ in little details from the photos, because every time the natural wood is different!


Age Groups : 4 - 7 years

Difficulty : Easy

Dimensions : 24x24x4 cms.
2 wooden Dices

Price : 280.00 baht


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